50+ Best Gifts for Outdoorsy Toddlers | 2023 Gift Guide

November 4, 2023


The holidays are once again upon us so I thought I would share all of our favourite gear, experiences, toys, and gifts for the outdoorsy kids in your life. These gifts are for the kids who love to be outdoors, who love to connect with nature, and who love to use their imaginations. As parents of one such child, we put a lot of thought in what we bring into our home. We want all of the things she interacts with to encourage imaginative play, to have multiple uses, and to facilitate her outdoor explorations. The following is a collection of the best gifts for outdoorsy toddlers at each age, enjoy!

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toddler plays with lovevery toys underneath the christmas tree

Best Gifts for an Outdoorsy 1-year Old

  1. WeeWoollies base layer. This is the base layer we have used for all our outdoor endeavours. They are in investment but so worth it in my opinion.
  2. Morrison Outdoors Sleeping Bag. This has been a game changer for camping and backpacking with our baby. It would be a great gift for an outdoorsy family! Use code domcarson10 for 10% off.
  3. Patagonia Fleece. I recommend this to everyone. Our daughter wore this 6-12 month size for over 2 years.
  4. Play Couch. A wonderful source of play and entertainment on those really cold days when you can’t go outside.
  5. Balance Bike. This was the first bike we got for our girl. It’s light, has an adjustable seat and was great for her first bike.
  6. Osprey Child Carrier. As babies grow out of being front carried, a backpack style carrier is a perfect next step to keep getting out on the trails.
  7. Lovevery Subscription. We love these boxes that contain age-based toys to encourage play and development. These were the only true “toys” that we ever got for our daughter for her first 3 years.
  8. Water Table. An endless source of fun once the weather gets nicer outside.
  9. Gardening Gear. Nothing more fun than digging outside and encouraging kids to get dirty.
  10. Bike Trailer.
  11. Hydro Flask.
  12. Rain Suit. These Jan and Jul rain suits come both unlined and fleece-lined. They’re perfect for adventurous kids. Use the code domcarson2410 for a discount on anything at Jan and Jul.
  13. Bird Feeder. Our daughter’s day home has this and the kids LOVE watching all the different the birds come with this feeder that goes on your window.
  14. Nature Books. We loved these Backpack Explorer books. They’re a must for any young outdoor explorer.
  15. Passes to a local activity. These could be science centre passes, zoo passes, or anything local that would be fun.
  16. Sled. We spend hours and hours sledding in the winter. Pulling our daughter around local nature trails or even just down the street. This was one of our favourite things she ever got as a gift from our family.
  17. Toddler Tower. It’s important for us to include our daughter in whatever we are doing and we have used our toddler tower every single day for the last 2 years. It’s up at the counter and she helps us cook, bake, and eats at the island while she stands in it. It’s a must.
  18. Camp Chair. We have a couple different kid camp chairs and our daughter loves them for camping and adventuring.
  19. Baby or Stuffy. Our daughter loves her little baby doll and we noticed that around 1, she started to really take care of it and do things with it.
  20. Winter Boots. We love Stonz winter boots. Use code DOMC for 10% off Stonz.com

toddler smiles in a sled in the winter with the sun behind her

Best Gifts for an Outdoorsy 2-year Old

  1. WeeWoollies base layer. We always ask for the next size up on our daughters holiday list each year.
  2. On the Nature Trail Books.
  3. Hiking Socks. Our favourite winter socks for her, they’re thick and warm.
  4. Tools. We are a big fan of giving our daughter real things to learn with. She can actually help out and it’s so great for her.
  5. GSI Mug. Our daughter loves having her own camp mug for her morning milk that is the same as the ones we have for our coffee. It’s lightweight (not spill proof) and she loves it.
  6. Binoculars. So much fun to be had with these when we are out and about.
  7. Adopt an animal from the zoo. Our daughter got this as a gift last holidays and it was so fun to then go the zoo and look for it.
  8. Passes to a local activity. We love gifting and getting experiences for our daughter.
  9. Small Fanny Pack. The best for bringing some snacks or little books or whatever they can imagine!
  10. Wood Balance Board. Can be used as a balance board, a ramp for sliding, for cars. So many possibilities!
  11. Lovevery Block Set. We play with this everyday that we are inside.
  12. Trail Magik. For when you still want to go hiking and backpacking with your toddler.

toddler walks along a beach at sunrise with blue rainboots and a blue GSI mug
Her and her favourite GSI mug on a backpacking trip this summer.

Best Gifts for an Outdoorsy 3-year Old

This is mainly what we have on our own 3 year old’s birthday and holiday list this year!

  1. Yoto Player Mini. We are excited to give this a try. We have heard nothing but amazing things!
  2. Strider Bike. This one is compatible with a pedal kit that we can add on once she is ready for that.
  3. Walkie Talkies. No doubt these will be so fun when exploring together.
  4. Toddler Knife Set.
  5. Wool Socks. One can never have enough socks.
  6. Magnetic Building Tiles. Another cold day activity inside.
  7. Slackline Kit.
  8. Fishing Rod. We actually have this already for our girl and she loved it this past summer and I’m sure by next summer she will be casting like a pro.
  9. Toddler Camera. I can’t wait to see what she takes photos of when we are out adventuring!
  10. Magnifying Glass.
  11. Passes to a local activity.
  12. Bow and arrows. Aster has this one and loves target shooting and by next summer I think she will be able to pull this one back by herself.

Stocking Stuffers for the Adventurous Toddlers

  1. Headlamp. This kids headlamp is a perfect stocking stuffer.
  2. Flashlight. Any flashlight will be the highlight of a toddlers day. Trust me.
  3. Gift Certificates for clothes. This is one of our favourite things to put on our daughter’s list because then we can get new sizes of clothes throughout the year as she needs them.
  4. Painted rock tick tack toe game. A fun DIY project that you can play anywhere!
  5. Bubbles.
  6. Sidewalk chalk.
  7. Art supplies.
  8. Melissa and Doug Water Wow Books. These are so handy in the car or when traveling to keep her entertained.
  9. Beanie. You can never have enough warm hats for your toddler and this one is the cutest.
  10. Kid’s Sunscreen. We love this sunscreen!
  11. Aurora Heat reusable kid hand warmers. These are a much more sustainable and safer option than the disposable or electronic hand warmers out there. You can use code DOMCARSON at checkout to save 10% on your order.

Hopefully this gave you some ideas for the baby or toddler in your life for this holiday season! Happy Holidays!

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