Scientist turned adventure photographer and content creator. 

We call a small piece of land at the base of the Rocky Mountains in Alberta home. There, we garden, preserve, do DIY house and yard projects, bake sourdough, train our dogs, and raise our little human under the shade of the aspen trees. 

We love to explore together. We hike, camp, hunt, fish, meander, and anything else that will get us out in nature as a family. We do a little bit of everything and wouldn't have it any other way. 

Mama & Content creator

Hi, I'm Dom

The packer of all the things. The second shooter. The driver. The meat provider. The firewood splitter. The do-er. 


The boss. The center of the show. The tenacious explorer. The inquisitive one. The snack consumer. The reason. 


The entertainment. The good boys. The furnaces in the tent. The shed hunters. The cleanup crew. The protectors.

Pip & Stoke

meet the fam